About Us

Chartered by Penfield Presbyterian Church, Troop 312 has been serving the youth of Penfield (as well as surrounding towns) since 1965. Our adult leaders are committed to helping young men succeed in Scouting, in school, and in the community.

Physical & Mental Development

Our indoor and outdoor programs are designed to offer progressively greater challenges for our Scouts. From a focused program for 1st year Scouts through preparing older Scouts for a variety of high adventure activities, we strive to help our youth achieve development of both their bodies and their minds.

Leadership Development

We're committed to being a "boy-run troop". We encourage Scouts to be responsible for planning and conducting Troop meetings and outings with adult support to ensure safety and adherence to Scout policy. An annual planning conference held each Spring establishes the themes, activities, and service opportunities for the coming year. A monthly Patrol Leaders Council strengthens this planning. We run annual Introduction to Leadership skills for Troops and encourage attendance at NYLT, Leadership University as well as participation in the numerous District and Council run training programs.

Scout Spirit and Character Development

We strive to provide every opportunity for the Scouts to develop the values that will serve them, their families, and their communities throughout their adult lives. We're committed to having a good time, but we expect all Scouts to adhere to the principles of their Oath and Law and demonstrate Scout Spirit.

Whether you are a youth excited about new challenges and opportunities, or an adult looking for an opportunity to serve your community in a special way, Join Scouting!  Explore Troop 312.

To join or for more information contact:

Mark Sowden, Scoutmaster

telephone: 585-414-0944
email: Scoutmaster@troop312penfield.org


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